Conexiones 2024

Support Family Connections’ programs in the key areas of Community Building, Positive Parenting, Home Visitation, Parent Participatory Early Age Learning, and Tutoring and Mentorship.

$1,000 - Funds one Family Night, where parents and caregivers can connect, learn about resources in the community, and have a facilitated discussion on important and timely topics.
Covers costs like: activities, guest speakers, and staff time.

$1,800 - Funds one year of home visiting for a family. 100% of Family Connections families receive a developmental screening which provides a roadmap on how parent education can support both children and families to thrive.
Covers costs like: staff training and curriculum, program supplies, and transportation.

$3,400 - Funds a group of 8 parents who want to participate in 8 weeks of the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P). As the only organization in San Mateo County providing Triple P Parenting, we will equip parents with the skills and confidence they need to manage their children’s behavior, prevent problems, and build strong, healthy parent-child relationships. Covers costs like: training and curriculum for staff and program materials.

$6,000 - Provides our Early Learning Teachers with innovative curriculum and professional development to deepen their knowledge of child development. Teacher shortages have reached crisis proportions-- Your gift allows us to offer our teachers competitive pay, a healthy work environment, and continued investment in their professional growth.
Covers costs like: teacher training and time, classroom supplies, professional growth opportunities.

$7,800 - Funds participation for our families in our year-round programming. Families engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), literacy, language arts, tutoring, social/emotional development, and wellness. Our goal is to bridge the summer gap when achievement delays and learning loss are at their highest.
Covers costs like: curriculum development, classroom rent and supply costs, family engagement activities, and community outings.